Week 7: Fundraising

How do you put the funds together to get your startup launched?

To get your startup off the ground, you and your founders may have contributed a small amount of capital to cover early expenses. Additionally, you may have been awarded government or institutional grants that help advance the science or technology. But there may be other costs not covered by these grants, and which may be big enough to require an infusion from new investors. 

These later-stage investors all have different needs, wants and criteria on which to base their investment decision. It's important to understand how each views the story of your startup -€“ from opportunity, strategy, execution and risks to future financial return on their investment. 

The series of videos below covers the progression of investment from the "founders, friends and family" round to funding from professional groups such as angel investor syndicates and venture capital groups. 

Startup Funding Explained: Everything You Need to Know (The Rest of Us)

An overview of the progression of funding:

  • Friends and family
  • Seed funding
  • Angel and VC funding
  • Ownership changes/dilution
  • Exits 

Convertible Notes, Equity and Startup Funding Explained (Slidebean)

  • Company valuation
  • Pre-money and post-money
  • Equity investment
  • Delay of company valuation via convertible notes
  • Interest Rate
  • Discount to Valuation
  • Valuation Cap 

Seed Funding for Startups: How to Raise Venture Capital as an Entrepreneur (Slidebean)

  • Traction requirements
  • Pitch decks
  • Alternative funding sources
  • How to find investors 

What Are the Best Funding Strategies for Biotech Startups? (Labiotech.eu)

  • When to take money and from what sources
  • Interview with Martin Muenchbach, Partner at BB Biotech Ventures 

How to Get Meetings with Investors and Raise Money (Y Combinator)

  • When do you need them?
  • Who do you need them with?
  • How do you get them?
  • How do you do them well?

Why VCs and Angel Investors Say “No” to Entrepreneurs (Alicia Syrett – TEDxFultonStreet)

  • Rookie mistakes
  • Character matters
  • Fit matters
  • Business basics
  • Investors make mistakes, too