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Joel Berkson in the lab.

Joel Berkson in the lab.

Paul Tumarkin/Tech Launch Arizona

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student employee working on innovative research in a PI’s lab? Do you have a job helping to develop software or an app as part of your employment as a student?

In these cases, when the invention is developed during the course of your UArizona employment and we determine that the invention will be part of the university’s IP portfolio, TLA will assess and protect the research. Then we work with you to develop the best commercial pathway for that invention – either through licensing it to an existing company or to a startup – to get it out into the world where it can make a difference.

Independent Student Inventors

Students who are not employed by the university, as well as those who are UArizona employees but whose ideas for inventions are not related to their job duties, are considered Independent Student inventors.

UArizona has no claim to the student's ideas or inventions, and while TLA doesn't facilitate the commercialization of these inventions, there are campus resources that can help with information and next steps.

Have you talked with your PI?

If your UArizona-supported research sparks an idea for an invention, your first step is to talk to the faculty member most closely associated with your work. If you have questions, give us a call, we're happy to help.

The Summer Startup Experience

Enhance your education, cultivate your entrepreneurial mindset and leadership skills, and strengthen your professional networks, all while helping advance a UArizona startup. We will seek to match you with a university startup. If selected, you will work with the company to prepare an Internship Agreement that will set forth expectations for you and your startup team, and you’ll be off and running!

Invention Disclosure

If you develop an invention in your role as a UArizona employee, this is the first step toward IP protection and commercialization.

UArizona Ecosystem Resources

Learn about other opportunities to support your entrepreneurial aspirations, including the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship, Forge, the UArizona Center for Innovation, Startup Tucson, and more. 

Venture Development

Get expert support to develop successful startups around UArizona inventions.

Vinodh Subramanian

Vinodh Subramanian

“TLA is like a moving train. You have to catch it and then it takes you places you couldn’t have seen or imagined.”

Vinodh Subramanian, who graduated in May 2019 with a master’s degree in Systems and Industrial Engineering, studied the many factors that make us keep and attend – or forego – visits to our healthcare providers. With help from his advisor Robert Lapore, he developed a deep understanding of the problem and a solution to reduce appointment no-shows in medical practices using systems thinking principles. We worked with him to develop the idea and launch a new company, Hipokratiz, LLC.

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