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Feb. 7, 2023

Reflections from Jay Martin, Intellectual Property Intern

Jay Martin

After spending 22 years in the military, Jason “Jay” Martin is now a retired officer and a J.D. candidate (2025) at the University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law. Since September 2023 he has worked with Tech Launch Arizona as an Intellectual Property Intern, supporting licensing managers as they work to protect and commercialize inventions coming out of University of Arizona research and innovation.

“In his short time with us, Jay has brought a deep desire to learn, a passion for his field, and a wonderful commitment to excellence to the TLA team," said Director of Licensing and Intellectual Property Rakhi Gibbons. "We’re sorry to see him go, but we’re excited for him and all that’s to come.”

We asked Jay to reflect on his experience and the role he has played on our team as he arrives and the end of his 7-month stint at TLA. The following are his words. 

“Intellectual Property (IP) is a vast web of amazing discovery that impacts every aspect of everyday life. It serves the customary role of ensuring that people all over the world have access to the internet via smartphones and computers. IP also creates avenues for city and state governments to have access to different forms of sustainable energy. Finally, it ensures that nations have access to critical resources that enable the global market that we’ve all grown to depend on. Working in the federal government, specifically ensuring the protection of critical national infrastructure, provided my initial gateway into the importance of intellectual property and the importance of ensuring that it is protected. This gateway led me to Tech Launch Arizona (TLA).

“TLA is a proven leader in the landscape of technology transfer and is the vanguard in IP for the State of Arizona and the nation. My time at TLA has been enlightening in learning how the nation is utilizing the patent and copyright powers of universities to further strategic means, both locally and internationally. Specifically, TLA has helped to further my resolve to continue to push the IP envelope in pursuit of service to the community and protection of what is a national resource. With the experiences gained at TLA, I intend to pursue a future as an IP Attorney.

“IP Law will provide a platform to further propel technology into the future while shepherding the very local communities that rely on us all for solutions and protection. I look forward to continued service through IP Law, and TLA has been a pivotal part of that journey.”

The entire TLA team wishes Jay all the very best as he moves into this next phase of his career.

Bear Down, Jay!

Paul Tumarkin, Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications