An Interactive Q&A with Dean Michael Abecassis

March 29, 2022

With content from a Fireside Chat with the Dean and TLA, recorded February 2, 2022

An Interactive Q&A with Dean Michael Abecassis

Looking for quick answers about bringing your research to patients? Or quick hints on what to have in mind if you’re considering a startup?


TLA Senior Licensing Manager Mitch Graffeo sat down with Michael Abecassis M.D., Dean of the College of Medicine - Tucson, to answer these questions and many more on February 2, 2022. 

While their entire conversation was recorded in its entirety (you can watch it here), we've provided direct links to the best, most useful information via the questions below. 

We hope you enjoy your own interactive Q&A with Dean Abecassis! If you have feedback or questions, please let us know.

Getting Started

What is the College of Medicine - Tucson's vision for the translation of technology from "bench to bedside?" (1:34 - 2:54)

How early should I bring my invention to TLA if I have something that I think might potentially have an impact? And what are the next steps once I do that? (33:00 - 34:42)

Why is taking early steps to protect discoveries an essential part of ensuring they can benefit patients in the future? (12:52-14:10)

Why is it essential to connect with TLA experts and mentors now if I have any inkling that my research could impact patients in the future? (43:57 - 45:06)

How does launching startups create a "win-win-win" situation where the university, the startup and the patients all benefit? (29:19 - 31:36)


What to Expect

Tell me a story about what kind of time commitment should I expect when entering into the commercialization process and how that can affect the time I spend on research. (38:23 - 40:18)

What kind of mindset should we maintain to ensure that research can go on to benefit patients? (4:34 - 6:50)


About the Process

How does commercialization fit into a university's strategic plan? (47:10 - 47:52)

Why are material transfer agreements essential for good collaborative work? (48:41 - 49:58)



What is the UArizona policy regarding using space and resources to advance work for a startup? (41:47 - 43:27)

How can launching a startup company can be an avenue for advancing research, as opposed to just focusing on NIH grants? (22:00 - 25:37)


Dr. Abecassis’s Personal Experience

Have you ever had an experience where filing a patent negatively impacted your ability to share your research? (18:40 - 20:12)

Give me an example of how having a commercialization mindset and engaging outside companies in sponsored research helped to move inventions forward. (20:53 - 25:37)


Extra Info

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