Our Purpose

Bringing together the University of Arizona community and local and regional ecosystems, we're


by moving inventions stemming from university research and technological innovation into the marketplace where they can create lasting social and economic impact.

Our Purpose

How Does UArizona Commercialization Work?

Are you a principal investigator delving into new areas of science and discovery? Or a researcher with a great idea for how your work can make people's lives better? Or a software developer working on a new platform that could make someone's job easier?

Whatever your field of expertise, research, or creative innovation, we're here to help you maximize the impact of your work. And we've put everything you need to know to get started into 3 minutes and 56 seconds. 

We team with university faculty, administration, students, alumni, in concert with the technology and business community, to maximize the impact of UArizona research, intellectual property (IP) and technological innovation. 

This university is a place of learning, invention and discovery. At Tech Launch Arizona, we help bring those discoveries to the world through commercial pathways. Our primary focus is ensuring that innovations originating with UArizona faculty, researchers, staff and students find meaningful applications.

"I encourage everyone - researchers, entrepreneurs, students, and everyone who is passionate about an idea - to get engaged, to get involved with the process."

- Dr. Robert C. Robbins, 22nd President of the University of Arizona,
speaking about commercialization at the 2020 TLA I-Squared Expo & Awards



Working with Tech Launch Arizona

We turn discoveries into real-world solutions. How does the process actually work? We work with UArizona inventors, providing people, services and resources, to protect university intellectual property and license those inventions to both established companies and new startups. 

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Making Strategic Connections

TLA facilitates a Commercialization Network through which researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, and established businesses come together with diverse perspectives and help assess and advance UArizona inventions. 

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Facilitating Startup Success

Our nationally-funded I-Corps program uses experiential education to help inventors and startup teams understand their customers and develop and entrepreneurial skills and insight mindset.  

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Areas of Focus

Intellectual Property

TLA provides a full range of IP services to the faculty, researchers and staff of the UArizona. We work with these inventors to protect various types of IP, enabling all stakeholders – the inventors as well as the university – to benefit from these discoveries. 

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We market UArizona inventions, find great companies to take them forward, and work collaboratively with all parties to develop fair licensing strategies. We are driven by a commitment to fairness and the desire to see every invention realize its maximum potential to contribute to a better world.

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We offer a full range of services, people and resources to help UArizona inventors who wish to launch a startup to commercialize inventions. With a full team of experienced mentors and entrepreneurs, we support academic entrepreneurs through all the phases leading to the launch of a startup.  

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Get to Know Us Better

One of the best ways to learn about who we are and what we do is by looking at our previous work and achievements. Check out our most recent annual report in the archive. 


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