The Startup Process


We provide the people and resources to ensure that every startup is properly equipped with the connections, tools, and expertise to launch a successful company. 

The startup process is broken into three phases: intake, venture development, and getting to license. Each project is unique, and activities may overlap across phases. Depending on the nature of the opportunity, the entire process could take between 30 days and a year, or potentially longer. But in the end, the inventor drives the pace and motion of the project.

What Startup Teams Gain in Working With Us

  • Business skills and practical knowledge 
  • Structured company roles and activities 
  • Confidence when launching 
  • Access to our Commercialization Partners and our network 
  • Continued support from our professional team


First we host an initial meeting with the inventing team to explore the team’s intentions and determine the unique needs for their startup. 


  • Assignment of a TLA Mentor-in-Residence, licensing manager, and external business advisor 
  • Create an initial plan to license 
  • Establish a timeline for future meetings

Venture Development

During this phase, we dig into the details to help form the company structure. Depending on the needs of the startup, some or all these topics may be addressed.


  • Team formation 
  • Business case development 
  • Funding strategy 
  • Capitalization table 
  • Governance plan 
  • Asset development 


With your TLA Licensing Manager’s help and leadership, licensing occurs concurrently with venture development. This phase addresses required steps for attaining a license.


  • Assistance in going through UArizona compliance processes (Conflict of Interest and/or Conflict of Commitment)
  • Formulating the license agreement 
  • Agreeing on the license terms 

UArizona Startup Guide

Download our comprehensive resource for understanding the ins and outs of the startup process. 

Download the Startup Guide (PDF)

Startup Toolbox

Learn more about the TLA’s network resources and access our library of business planning tools and guides.

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