Tech Launch Arizona Social Innovation Program

Welcome to TLA's Social Innovation Program!

Tech Launch Arizona is excited to welcome University of Arizona creative thinkers and visionaries who are driven by a deep commitment to addressing pressing social challenges and who have a strong desire to change the world. Our program is all about amplifying impact, enhancing community trust, and fostering positive change.

Join Us in Shaping the Future, One Community at a Time

  • Address Wicked Problems: We can help you make an impact and tackle significant challenges such as poverty, healthcare, education, sustainability, and fairness.
  • Empower Our Communities: We will leverage our combined knowledge, skills, and resources to support you in empowering our community and beyond.
  • Build Sustainability: We can teach you to build sustainable practices, ensuring your work endures beyond its initial stages.
  • Enhance Your Grant Applications: We can help you strengthen grant applications and position your ideas for increased funding and broad support.

Catalyzing Change I-Corps Cohort for Social Innovation

NSF I-Corps stands as the heart of the National Science Foundation's mission to nurture creativity and empower entrepreneurial thinking. It's crafted to support the journey of turning discoveries and bright ideas into real-world solutions that benefit communities beyond the academic sphere. It's all about leveraging innovation for the greater good and making positive changes in the world.

The University of Arizona is proud to host the Desert and Pacific Region Hub Catalyzing Change I-Corps Cohort for Social Innovation.  In this 5-week program (one kickoff meeting and four class meetings) participants will learn:

  • Real-world Impact: Shape a better world! Join us to turn your social vision into a force for lasting change, addressing challenges and improving lives.
  • Sustainability Strategy: Discover how to build sustainable practices, ensuring your work endures beyond initial stages, guided by robust business insights.
  • Grant Enhancement: Learn how to strengthen grant applications, positioning your ideas for increased funding and broader support.
Cohort dates and times
  • Optional Zoom Info Session on Tuesday, January 23, 2024 @ 12pm MST
  • Zoom Kickoff on Tuesday, January 30, 2024 @ 1pm-2pm MST
  • Zoom Classes on Tuesdays, February 6-27, 2024 @ 1pm-4pm MST

To register for the Info Session:
To apply for the Catalyzing Change Social Innovation I-Corps Cohort:
For more information about I-Corps:
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"Social innovation is defined as activities/initiatives/things for sustained social impact...Social innovation does not equal social impact.  You can develop innovations for societal impact without ever engaging the community.  Social impact is an OUTCOME of social innovation."

- Dr. Serenity Wright, Associate Director, Social Innovation at the University of Kentucky

Key Principles of the Social Innovation Program at TLA

We are driven to REACH

  • Reimagine Impact: We take people's work as seriously as traditional research, emphasizing that every effort can lead to positive change.
  • Explore Paths for Change: We engage in discussions about all the different pathways that can lead to a brighter, more sustainable future.
  • Amplify Without Compromise: We amplify your efforts to create a broader reach without selling out or compromising your values.
  • Community-Centered: We believe in community benefit plans that put the well-being of communities at the forefront of every initiative.
  • Hear Diverse Voices: We strive to discover the diverse voices within communities and recognize them as influential catalysts for positive change.

    Are you ready to join TLA's Social Innovation Program and be a catalyst for positive change in your community and beyond? Together, we can shape a brighter future, driven by social impact and your innovative ideas.  Contact us today!