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Aileen Dingus
Coordinator, Venture Development
NSF I-Corps Site Program Manager


What opportunities are open to those who complete TLA’s NSF I-Corps Site Program?

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The NSF I-Corps Funding Continuum

TLA's NSF I-Corps Site program is part of a larger NSF funding continuum:

To apply for the I-Corps Teams program, applicants must have had NSF funding in the past five years; participation in the I-Corps Sites program counts as NSF funding. Completing this program increases your likelihood of successfully competing for an NSF SBIR/STTR application.

What is the difference between the NSF the I-Corps Sites and Teams Programs?

I-Corps Site (Local Program) I-Corps Teams (National Program)
Up to $3,000 for customer discovery $50,000 for customer discovery and minimum viable product
6-week course 2-month course
Interview 20+ customers Interview 100+ customers
Programming in Tucson Programming at I-Corps Node (the UA is partnered with the Los Angeles node.)
As NSF funded, recipients become eligible for I-Corps Teams Requires history of NSF funding of the technology within the past 5 years

Please contact Eric Smith if you have completed the TLA NSF I-Corps Site program and want to learn about these additional opportunities.

NSF I-Corps

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