UArizona Students Gain Hands-on Entrepreneurial Experience Through Internship with High-tech Startups

Nov. 2, 2021

Applications Now Being Accepted for Summer 2022


TUCSON, Ariz. – Tech Launch Arizona has announced the launch of its new Summer Startup Experience internship program. Through the initiative, TLA matches University of Arizona students with high-tech university startup companies, where they work throughout the summer months. Each startup benefits from the fresh perspectives and problem-solving skills that such young minds bring to their teams. At the same time, students gain practical experience working with a fast-moving company and working alongside inventors and entrepreneurs, all while making contributions to a real-world business. They also build relationships and connections that can lead to post-graduation career opportunities.

“We wanted to develop a program that enhanced the educational opportunities of UArizona students, cultivating their entrepreneurial mindsets and leadership skills, and help them get a head start building their networks,” said TLA Director of Venture Development Bruce Burgess. “Our startups need the talent and help, and our students represent an amazing resource.”

Tech Launch Arizona is the office of the UArizona that commercializes inventions stemming from university research and innovation for the public good.

In the summer of 2021, three students were selected to participate in the inaugural program. Through the application process, the students and startup leaders worked together to define the goals to be accomplished to attain specific skill and learning objectives, as well as setting work schedules and parameters.

Emmet Gormican

Emmet Gormican

Emmet Gormican, who is majoring in management information systems at the Eller College of Management, was matched with Caltrode, a company commercializing inventions developed in the College of Engineering. MBA student Mason “Brock” Lively was matched with Neuro-ID, launched to commercialize an online anti-fraud technology developed in the Eller College of Management. And Thomas Harris, studying for his Ph.D. in mathematics, did his work with Xoralgo, created to commercialize a next-generation RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) technology developed in the Department of Mathematics College of Science.

“It all comes together when the students and companies all sign an Internship Agreement that sets everyone’s expectations and kicks off the work,” said Burgess. 

“Through my summer startup experience, I was encouraged to face challenges to escalate my skill set in a growing company, building technology and processes new to the industry,” said Gormican. “I had the opportunity to learn industry standards while discovering what direction I want to take my personal career path.” 

Interested in the experience? Apply today.

Tech Launch Arizona is now accepting applications for the summer of 2022. To qualify, applicants must be enrolled for the academic year following the summer they wish to intern. Graduate students are also eligible.

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Paul Tumarkin, Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications