Rakhi Gibbons Promoted to Director of Licensing

May 21, 2018

As we move toward the new fiscal year, TLA will be looking for ways to improve operations and outcomes. With Doug Hockstad’s focus shifting to a more external view, we are glad to announce that Rakhi Gibbons has accepted a promotion to Director of Licensing.

Rakhi has over a dozen years of experience in tech transfer, with ever increasing responsibility. She has demonstrated a high level of skill in the technical aspects of licensing, from marketing to drafting and negotiating licenses. In addition, she has demonstrated leadership through her dedication to TLA, mentoring of licensing managers and to her responsibilities as Associate Director of Biomedical & Life Sciences Licensing, her ability and willingness to take difficult situations head-on (and accept accountability), and her ever-present professionalism.

To fill out the licensing team, we will be posting a Sr. Licensing Manager (Life Sciences) position in the coming days.