Arizona Center For Innovation Hosts Pitch Day

May 13, 2013

Startups from Across Arizona Pitch Business Ideas 4th Annual PitchDay at Arizona Center for Innovation

(Tucson, Arizona) Twenty‐two startup companies from all over the state of Arizona presented their business concepts to

potential investors, business mentors and partners during the 4th annual PitchDay at the Arizona Center for Innovation

(AzCI) on May 9, 2013. This event provided the community with an opportunity to get a firsthand look at promising new

companies emerging from the region. More than 100 people participated in PitchDay, which included a networking

reception that followed the company presentations.

AzCI is a business incubator, focused on helping entrepreneurs and inventors turn their innovative ideas into successful

ventures. The foundation of AzCI is Mentored Launch, a comprehensive 12‐month program that includes mentoring,

customized programs and training, interactive workshops, an immediate network of mentors and subject matter

experts, and access to full‐service office and laboratory facilities and equipment at the UA Tech Park.

AzCI is a founding member of the Arizona Business Incubation Association, a statewide organization focused on sharing

best practices among incubators, accelerators and allied organizations, to support new venture development and

growth across Arizona. This year, AzCI opened the event to members and participants of the statewide network, to

showcase new innovation in our community and to help promote business incubation across the state. Companies

presented from the following organizations: Tallwave, ASU SkySong, Northern Arizona Center for Entrepreneurship and

Technology (NACET), Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation (CEI) at Gateway, AzTera, UA McGuire Center for

Entrepreneurship, GangPlank Tucson, and the Arizona Center for Innovation (AzCI).

The companies that pitched are:

Acomni, LLC (AzTera)

Metropia (AzCI)
Arbsource (CEI) Nest Energy (NACET)
Colloidal Gen (AzCI) Obelus Media (Tallwave)
Convrrt (Tallwave) Property Management EZ (AzCI)
Creative Allies (Tallwave) Quantified Resistance (Gang Plank Pirate Mansion)
Crowd Audio (McGuire) RallyUp (AzCI)
DNA on a Shirt (CEI) Rarus Innovations (ASU SkySong)
Exchange Meds (Tallwave) Save on Couriers (Tallwave)
Grafted Growers (McGuire) Ufree (AzCI)
Howdy (McGuire) Vive (McGuire)
Local Work (Tallwave) YourLabs (AzCI)

“We see great benefits for AzCI companies to participate in PitchDay, this is an excellent opportunity for them to

showcase their new ventures and meet with potential partners and investors. The teams today did an exceptional job;

representing the talent and spirit that exists here in Southern Arizona,” said Corey Smith, AzCI Entrepreneur in


AzCI Director Joann MacMaster, added, “Our goal is to help these companies bring new products and ideas to market.

But more importantly, our focus is to help the founders build companies that are successful, financially viable, and

sustainable well after the startup years. This success adds to the growth of our entrepreneurial ecosystem, as these

companies create new jobs, generate wealth, and attract larger companies to our region. Today was a great example of

how we can come together as a community and a state to support these startups.”

The Arizona Center for Innovation(link is external) (AzCI) is a business incubator and innovation center that promotes and

accelerates technology commercialization, helping entrepreneurs transform their ideas into successful

companies. AzCI has served over 75 companies since inception in 2003. AzCI is a component of the Office of

University Research Park which is part of the initiative Tech Launch Arizona – a new approach to managing the

commercialization of technologies at the University of Arizona.

The Arizona Business Incubation Association was created in 2011 as a way to share information with business

incubators and allied organizations across Arizona. The purpose of the Arizona Business Incubation Association is to

provide a professional statewide Association, which provides a means for its members to educate, communicate and

obtain mutual support in order to develop and promote effective business incubation in the State of Arizona.

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