The Arizona Choice

Are you seeking a university partner who can quickly get your research project running under terms that make sense for your company?

By working with the University of Arizona through the Arizona Choice program, you gain increased security and decreased intellectual property negotiations through defined options for generated intellectual property (IP). 

1. The Non-Exclusive License 

Royalty-free, with the option for exclusivity 

For the entire cost of conducting the research, the industrial sponsor receives a commercial non-exclusive, royalty-free license to the project IP, without the right to sublicense. The sponsor agrees to cover the costs related to protecting the IP and is granted a time-limited option to negotiate for an exclusive license based on commercially reasonable terms. 


  • Up-front commercial license 
  • No initial/extra fees 
  • No pre-negotiated license terms 
  • Reporting and diligence only required for exclusive license 

2. The Exclusive License 

Royalty-free exclusivity 

Industry sponsors that prefer certainty and exclusivity prior to the commencement of research can choose to pay a premium on the contract in exchange for a guarantee of exclusivity in any potential project IP. This involves a fixed, non-refundable 20% payment (minimum $50,000) of the entire cost of the research due at the time the contract is executed. In return, the sponsor receives an exclusive license to any IP resulting from the project. Sponsors cover costs related to protecting project IP. 


  • Known investment 
  • No uncertainties 
  • No diligence 

Contact the UA Contract & Research Support Program for details. 

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