UA Startups

The University of Arizona is a place of learning, invention and discovery. For over 100 years, these discoveries have significantly changed our world and have become the foundation for successful companies like Ventana Corporation, Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals, SPLIT Engineering, and REhnu – all of whom continue to explore and develop new ideas. At Tech Launch Arizona, we’re looking for the next discoveries that will change our world for future generations. Following below are a few highlights of our latest startup companies. For more information on the companies or the startup process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Codelucida develops software that enables flash-memory devices to have a higher capacity, reliability and faster speeds, while keeping power and costs low.

Dataware’s patent-pending technology enables enterprise software and database management system vendors to double the performance of their applications.

A nonprofit UA startup dedicated to helping develop, teach and implement the Common Core Standards for mathematics.

Metropia is a traffic demand management app that predicts vehicular traffic flows using real-time traffic data and predictive algorithms to alleviate traffic congestion and pollution. 

Neuro-ID provides a scalable platform for the detection of suspicious behavior that is indicative of fraud and other online threats.

UA startup SinfoníaRx develops and manages a full suite of medication therapy management services.