In this archive, you will find many different kinds of media, including: *Presentations given by TLA leadership *Bulletins with quick hints and best practices, *Practice Statements offering in-depth info on different TLA policies and processes, *Annual Reports with the big picture story on a yearly basis.
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Bayh-Dole Act & University Technology Transfer: What’s it mean to me? The Bayh-Dole Act was designed to produce greater commercial outcomes from federal funding. In addition to retaining title (ownership) to inventions, the Act allowed universities to license patents exclusively. (05/16/17)
Build Your Value Proposition (11/15/17)
Business Plan Overview (04/30/18)
Capitalization Table and Operating Agreements (12/06/17)
Choosing How to Distribute Software One of the initial questions that must be answered when deciding how to distribute (or license) a software project is whether or not you want the code to be open source, simply free software (not source code), or fee-based proprietary software. This bulletin helps you understand the issues. (05/16/17)
Customer Relationships (11/15/17)
Customer Segments: Delivering Value to Customers (11/15/17)
Do You Think You Have An Invention? What exactly is an invention? When should you contact Tech Transfer Arizona? Why and when should you submit an invention disclosure? (06/11/18)
Exclusive Patent License Agreement Template (04/24/19)
FY 2019 Annual Report: Tomorrow is HERE (11/25/19)
FY2016 Annual Report: Broader & Deeper (10/30/17)
Invention Disclosure Form (Microsoft Word) Use this form to disclose an invention to Tech Launch Arizona. (04/27/20)
NSF I-Corps Application Summer 2020 (06/22/20)
Patent Option Template (04/24/19)
Procedures for Developing and Securing Intellectual Property What are the steps and processes involved in turning an invention born of university research into IP? What is the university's role and responsibility in this process? (12/23/15)
Procedures For Startup Companies Based on University Licensed Technology In what situations would the right pathway for a new technology be a startup instead of a license? What are some best practices when creating a startup? (05/16/17)
Student Innovation Challenge 2020 Flier (01/30/20)
Student Innovation Challenge 2020 Proposal Form (01/22/20)
SWOTT Template (11/15/17)
Tech Launch Arizona Annual Report 2014 This 2014 Annual Report and Roadmap Update provides a comprehensive view of what we achieved over the course of the year as well as our plans for the coming fiscal year. (10/30/17)
Tech Launch Arizona Annual Report 2015 The 2015 Annual Report describes what TLA achieved over the course of FY 2015, and outlines our plans and strategies for the upcoming fiscal year. (12/23/15)
Tech Launch Arizona Annual Report FY2017 (12/15/17)
Tech Launch Arizona Annual Report FY2018 (12/12/18)
Tech Launch Arizona Roadmap: 2013-2018 Written in 2013, this Roadmap is TLA's original guide for what we were already doing, and what we planned to do during the subsequent five years. (06/23/17)
Tech Launch Arizona: Creating a Vibrant Ecosystem of Invention, Commercialization and Impact Presentation at IdeaFunding 2014 by David Allen, Vice President of Tech Launch Arizona. 10/23/14 (12/23/15)
The Importance of Good Lab Notes A laboratory notebook is a scientist’s most valuable tool. It contains the permanent written record of a researcher's mental and physical activities from experiment and observation, to the understanding of new phenomena. It is important for innovators and inventors to keep detailed and organized notes while working. (12/23/15)
The Tech Launch Arizona Startup Guide For new companies licensing technologies invented at the UA, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of the steps involved in the process, and how to best work with the various TLA teams. (11/18/19)
The Technology Transfer Process To move an invention from the lab bench to the marketplace, a number of processes need to happen, from protecting the IP to licensing it to a company or startup.  (12/23/15)
Value Chain (11/14/17)
Value Proposition: Pains and Gains (11/15/17)