What We Do


By 2020, the University of Arizona through Tech Launch Arizona will become a recognized national resource for its role in commercializing UA-created knowledge, thereby bringing the University’s inventions to the public for economic and social benefit.


TLA will build upon the synergies among the faculty, administration, students and alumni of the University of Arizona, its tech parks, and the technology and business community to significantly enhance the impact of UA research, intellectual property (IP) and technological innovation.


The University of Arizona is a place of learning, invention and discovery. At Tech Launch Arizona, we help bring those discoveries to the world through commercial pathways. Our primary focus is on ensuring that technologies and innovations originating with UA researchers find meaningful application. Our work can broadly be understood across the three overlapping dimensions described below.

Commercialization is the process of turning discoveries into inventions, first by patenting intellectual property, then licensing those patents to established companies or to new UA startups. This is the process by which vaccines come to market or new technologies become a part of consumer electronics.

Ecosystem development combines outreach and advocacy to create a regional business environment where inventors, entrepreneurs and established businesses have the resources they need to thrive, backed by sound policy and a culture of innovation.

Economic development is a natural outcome as well as an organizational focus on helping small businesses connect to funding and prepare strong, competitive grant proposals.

Relationship-building is inherent to commercialization and ecosystem development and provides the foundation for many TLA programs. We build connections between researchers, investors and allies through networking and educational events. We connect with Domain Experts, Executives-in-Residence, Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and Interim CEOs to help assess and advance UA inventions.

We also build relationships with our regional and statewide communities by elevating success stories through our news and newsletter, making the media and public aware of the outstanding ways that UA discoveries are used in commercial applications.




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