Bob Sleeper

Senior Licensing Manager, College of Engineering

Bob Sleeper started as the embedded Licensing Manager for the College of Engineering in 2013. Mr. Sleeper joined the UA after several years as an Intellectual Property Licensing Manager at Honeywell Aerospace where he was responsible for generating significant revenue through IP portfolio development and licensing large and small clients, worldwide. Prior to Licensing, for 21 years, Bob held various Engineering leadership roles primarily in aircraft turbine engine and environmental controls and a couple of start-ups that are still in operation today. By degree Bob is a Mechanical Engineer who attended Valparaiso University in Indiana, but also studied and created a wide variety of electrical and software products as well. While working as a Licensing manager, Bob attended law school at night, achieved his Juris Doctorate, and became a licensed Arizona/US Patent Attorney. Bob is a named inventor on several patents and a registered creator of a number of trade secrets.

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