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Aileen Dingus
Coordinator, Venture Development
NSF I-Corps Site Program Manager


What opportunities are open to those who complete TLA’s NSF I-Corps Site Program?

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Interested in applying for the NSF I-Corps program at the UA? Here's how. 

Download Application (MS Word format)

To make things easy, here's what to do:

1) Review the requirements

To be eligible for NSF I-Corps, you must fulfill these requirements:

  • You are applying as a team that has at a minimum: an entrepreneurial lead and an academic lead who fall into one of these categories: UA student; an alumnus that has graduated within the past year; faculty member, staff or AZCI client with a STEM-related technology you wish to commercialize. UA-owned and non-UA-owned technologies are eligible.
  • Your technology has significant technical risk and is scalable and potentially patentable.
  • Teams must have a team member or advisor that is PI eligible.
  • Teams must not have prior SBIR/STTR funding or investment greater than $75k for the technology.
  • You are committed to one course session per week for six weeks (which includes in-person classes and outside assignments), fulfilling the reporting requirements, and using funds your team might receive as outlined in the UA/TLA funding guidelines. 

2) Contact us with your questions

To make things easy, we've got lots of ways for you to engage with our team, get your questions answered and apply. Just contact Aileen Dingus at(link sends e-mail) aileend@tla.arizona.edu(link sends e-mail) or 520.626.4606, and we'll get you the answers and help you need. 

3) Apply

The application is brief and easy, so once you've got the info you need, download and submit your application. Make sure you know the schedule of upcoming classes, and which cohort you're applying for.

Download Application (MS Word format)


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