Tech Launch Arizona mentors-in-residence (MIRs) accelerate the commercialization of UA technologies. They serve as employees of the University within our office to provide early-stage technology assessment, and to help transform those technologies into successful startup companies. MIRs partner with TLA licensing managers and UA inventors to develop startup teams and go-to-market strategies, and to help prepare both assets and ventures for license. MIRs manage a portfolio of UA startup projects; it is TLA's standard practice for MIRs to maintain strict confidentiality and disclose any engagements with external companies that may compete with UA startups. In cases where MIRs are invited to take a more formal role in a startup company, the MIR will be asked to step out of his or her role with TLA to avoid any potential conflict.

TLA supports commercialization efforts across the University and our MIRs represent multiple industries and disciplines. They bring proven technology commercialization and startup success to the process. If you are interested in learning more about the MIR role please contact Joann MacMaster, Director of Venture Development.