MAKE IT HAPPEN at the College of Engineering

Through your research, you develop knowledge that can change the world. 

Have you discussed your research with Tech Launch Arizona? By reporting inventions and just talking through your work with a TLA Licensing Manager, you have the opportunity to:

  • Increase funding for your lab, department and college
  • Qualify for industry and federal grants, such as SBIR funds
  • Make your research more attractive for future funding

Most importantly, you can increase your impact and contribute to making a better world.

Contact us to open a conversation. With experts, services and funding, we're here to help. 

Bob Sleeper, Senior Licensing Manager, College of EngineeringBob Sleeper
Sr. Licensing Manager, College of Engineering

Why is it essential for UA faculty and researchers to talk to TLA about their research and inventions?

"It's great to contact them as soon as you think that you might even have a concept that could be a patent or an invention... TLA people really help the inventor through that process."

Kathleen Melde, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs; Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
College of Engineering

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