Info for Student Inventors

The University of Arizona attracts intelligent, ambitious, hard-working students from around the world, and many have ideas for technologies that could help people, businesses and/or our planet. When it comes to innovation, the UA distinguishes between two sets of students:

  • Students whose R&D is in the context of UA employment, for example graduate assistants or other lab employees whose discoveries stem from their lab responsibilities;
  • Everyone else, which includes students who aren't employed by the UA as well as those who are UA employees but whose ideas for invention aren't related to their UA jobs.

Students Doing UA-Supported Research

Students in the first set are identical to UA faculty in terms of intellectual property: By law per the Bayh-Dole Act, their discoveries must be disclosed to become part of the UA's IP portfolio. TLA works with these student inventors to assess and protect their research and, when possible, transfer it into impactful uses through the commercialization process.

If your UA-supported research sparks an idea for invention, your first step is to talk to the faculty member most closely associated with your work.

Independent Student Inventors

The UA has no claim to the ideas or inventions of students in the second set, and while TLA doesn't facilitate the commercialization of these inventions, there are campus resources that can help with information and next steps.

If you're a student working independently on a potential invention or technology, we encourage you to connect with these resources:

McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship, Eller College of Management