Shark For A Day 2

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 - 12:00 to 13:00

Shark for a Day 2

Are you a UA faculty member or researcher considering a startup? Do you have an invention that you think might have great impact for industry or the public? 

This workshop – first offered in 2017 and now back by popular demand – gives you a taste of the tools expert investors use to evaluate startups.

Bruce Burgess

Bruce Burgess, TLA Mentor-in-Residence


Kevin McLaughlin

Kevin McLaughlin, TLA Mentor-in-Residence

Our expert facilitators will be Bruce Burgess and Kevin McLaughlin, both of whom are experienced entrepreneurs and TLA Mentors-in-Residence.


At this UA version of “Shark Tank,” you and your colleagues will be the sharks, learning a variety of quick-to-use tools and techniques to evaluate what makes an investment-ready university startup.


Then, you’ll apply those ideas by listening to a pitch from a fictional startup and scoring it on its potential for success.

Will the startup have teeth and be worthy of funding? Or will there be blood in the water? 


Join the Tech Launch Arizona team of experts as we explore what makes for startup success and answer your questions after the frenzy.

This event is for UA faculty, researchers and graduate students. 

Lunch will be provided for all who register in advance.


Event Contacts: 
Sherry Jameson
Coordinator, Business Development

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