EUREKA! How To Recognize When Research Becomes Invention

Wednesday, August 29, 2018 - 12:00 to 13:00
As a UA faculty member, researcher or graduate student, you develop new ways of solving problems every day. 
But how do you know when your research has given rise to a truly useful invention? It’s not as obvious as you think.

 At this one-hour lunch meeting, we’ll talk with two accomplished UA researchers/inventors/entrepreneurs:

Joe Valacich

Joe Valacich, Ph.D., Professor of MIS, Eller College of Management

Christopher Walker

Christopher Walker, Ph.D., Professor of Astronomy, Optical Sciences and Electrical and Computer Engineering

Most recently, both Valacich and Walker worked with Tech Launch Arizona to protect and commercialize inventions stemming from their research via startups Neuro-ID and Freefall Aerospace, respectively. In our discussion moderated by TLA Licensing Manager Lewis Humphreys, we will talk about how to develop the mindset of an inventor, and how such a mindset can expand the impact of your research. 

You’ll also learn about services TLA provides FOR FREE, including assistance with invention reports (as required by many research contracts), management of intellectual property protection, asset development funding to prepare early-stage inventions for licensing, and more.

Join us to learn how to develop your inventor mindset and get your questions answered. Register to save your seat using the form at the right. >>

This event is primarily for faculty, researchers, graduate students and staff.


Event Contacts: 
Linda Portillo
Executive Assistant