COVID-19: Answering the Call

We are committed to bringing UArizona technologies and innovations to the world through meaningful applications.

We are rallying all of our resources to move inventions – from medical research to devices to software – that have the potential to impact the COVID-19 crisis from the university out into the world.

For the latest official updates from the University of Arizona administration, visit the Coronavirus Information Page.

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Disclose an Invention

Are you a UArizona faculty member, graduate student, researcher or employee? While we are always looking for innovations from across the UArizona community to make a better world, we are issuing an urgent call for any inventions – from drugs to devices to software – that have the potential to impact the COVID-19 crisis.

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Explore the COVID-19 Invention Portfolio

If you are with industry, visit our portfolio of available COVID-19 related inventions, from software models to diagnostics to breathing therapies and more.

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Proactive Licensing Guidelines

In response to COVID-19, tech transfer offices (TTO) around the country are rapidly moving to a humanitarian licensing model for inventions that have the potential to impact the pandemic. AUTM, the professional organization for TTOs, recently released licensing guidelines to promote broad distribution of such public health solutions by encouraging universities to 1) offer time-limited, non-exclusive, royalty-free licenses to prevent, diagnose, treat and contain the virus during the pandemic; and 2) subsequently convert such non-exclusive licenses to a more typical commercial license, as appropriate. TLA supports this effort, has identified COVID related technologies, and is a signatory to the AUTM licensing guidelines.

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Rallying Forces Across the Ecosystem

Efforts at Research, Innovation and Impact

As part of RII at the UArizona, TLA is working with other organizations across our ecosystem and the community to address this challenge. 

Check out RII's page, "COVID-19: Meeting the Challenge"

Part of the XPrize Pandemic Alliance

Facing the COVID-19 crisis is proving to be one of the world’s most critical challenges. A challenge bigger than any one government or organization can tackle without collaboration and uncommon thinking. We have joined the XPrize Pandemic Alliance in support of this greatest fight of our generation.

Visit the XPrize Pandemic Alliance to learn more

Keeping You Informed

In the face of this challenge, it is essential that we not only work to forward the fight, but we must remember to keep our hopes high through reminding one another of our successes. We will continue to add stories related to the COVID-19 fight here as we release them, as well as information about upcoming events to help you stay connected.