Paul Eynott

Licensing Manager, College of Science

Paul received a Doctorate in Pharmacology from Imperial College London, where he completed post-doctoral assignments. He received his B.Sc., with honors in Pharmacology from the University of Manchester. Before joining the Dean’s Administration within the College of Science and more recently assuming a joint appointment at Tech Launch Arizona as a Licensing Manager, Paul held various positions within Aventis, Sanofi-Aventis and SANOFI, including Head of North America for Partnering and Innovation for research and has been involved in several start-ups in both the biological sciences and software space. Paul is a published scientist and has been a panelist on discussions about innovation and commercialization of early stage assets. In 2013, he completed his Executive MBA at the Eller College of Management. Expertise includes evaluation, administration and management of early stage technology including setting up early-stage ventures, business valuation, strategic planning, writing of business and development plans, management of intellectual property, licensing, raising capital and funding new ventures within the life sciences.