Bruce Wright

Associate Vice President, Tech Parks Arizona

Bruce Wright is responsible for directing the University of Arizona’s research parks which includes the University of Arizona Science and Technology Park (UA Tech Park), the UA Tech Park at The Bridges (The Bridges), and the Arizona Center for Innovation (AzCI). His research interests include regional economic development, international trade and business development, and technology development and commercialization. He also serves as an adjunct instructor in the Department of Geography and Regional Development. Wright has served in several different capacities during his twenty plus years at the University of Arizona, including director of the Office of Community and Public Service, Assistant to the President, Senior Officer for Community Affairs and Economic Development, and Associate Vice President for Economic Development. Prior to joining the University, he served as chief-of-staff to U.S. Representative Morris K. Udall and staff consultant to the House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs. Previously, he was a management analyst with the City of Tucson and deputy director of the Commission on Improved Governmental Management.