TLA 101 for Investors

Venture capital often provides important support for startups, and investors can realize significant returns by funding new businesses built on UA intellectual property.

TLA also actively seeks input from experienced investors, whose expertise and instincts bring valuable insights to the process of assessing and commercializing new technologies.

What You Should Know about TLA

Leveraging UA Technologies & Inventions

The UA currently has more than 400 patented innovations with an incredible range of applications, a great number of which are available for licensing. If you're involved in a venture and looking to expand its reach or value, search UA technologies or contact us to see if there's a UA innovation to meet your needs.

Leveraging UA Facilities

Through Tech Parks Arizona, TLA helps companies test, evaluate and demonstrate applications of new technologies. New ventures you're involved in may benefit from spaces and resources in an environment where emerging companies and technology giants work side by side.

Working with UA Startups as Commercialization Partners

In exchange for contributing knowledge as we assess and develop IP, investors may have the opportunity to be directly involved with those technologies that move forward in UA startups. Individuals may be engaged as Interim CEOs, Entrepreneurs-in-Residence or Executives-in-Residence.

Supporting UA Innovation

Through Catapult Corporation, entrepreneurial philanthropists can help create a stronger, more venture-ready regional economy by supporting startups emerging from UA research. These investments grow over time, ultimately providing support for the UA programs, departments and colleges you value most.

Connecting Investors to Inventors & Allies

TLA organizes a number of events throughout the year designed to connect investors, allies and researchers, ranging from casual mixers to workshops and seminars.

We also invite investors to hear students’ ideas and give feedback at our monthly informal First Friday Pitch Days. (These are NOT solicitations for investment.)

Keeping Investors Informed

Stay abreast of TLA's work and new opportunities through our news features and newsletter, which also includes info on available technologies and new UA startups.