TLA 101 for Inventors

Every day, University of Arizona faculty, researchers and graduate students make discoveries and invent new technologies. Collectively, those innovations make up a sweeping portfolio of intellectual property.

At Tech Launch Arizona, it's our responsibility and privilege to ensure those assets are protected and, when feasible, moved into commercial and social applications where they can do the greatest good. Not only is doing so in line with the UA's mission as a land grant university, it's required by law for inventions arising from federally funded research per the Bayh-Dole Act of 1980.

We help breakthrough ideas find real and lasting impact, launching tomorrow's solutions from today's academic research and labs.

The chart below outlines the general steps involved in technology commercialization. Want a full overview of this process? It's here.

What You Should Know about TLA

Commercializing UA Innovations

Tech Launch Arizona helps UA employees protect, assess and commercialize innovation that grows out of their work. It starts with disclosing the invention, the first step in the commercialization process. We also help connect researchers with industry support through pre-defined Arizona Choice licensing options.

Once disclosed, we work with the inventor/s to evaluate and protect their inventions, turning them into intellectual property. 

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Please note: TLA focuses on working with students only when they develop inventions through their work as UA employees. While we do not provide internal resources to help students commercialize their own IP, we are happy to talk with you and connect you with help for student inventors.

Do You Think You Have an Invention? Check out this quick guide to learn more.

Connecting Inventors to Info, Industry & Each Other

TLA organizes a number of events throughout the year for UA researchers, ranging from casual mixers to workshops and seminars on commercialization processes, understanding royalties, working with investors and more.

We also invite researchers and entrepreneurial thinkers to share their ideas and get feedback at our monthly First-Friday Pitches, and we connect UA inventors to funding and support through SBIR/STTR Tech House and industry-sponsored research.

Keeping Inventors Informed

In addition to regular news features and our newsletter, we keep UA inventors educated and informed with bulletins, guides and practice statements, all of which can be found in our Resource Library.

Schedule a Chat

If you're not sure where to start, just contact us. Our staff and experts are happy to answer questions about anything from assessing commercial potential of a technology to understanding startups to experts in your field in the business and entrepreneurship communities.