What exactly is an invention? When should you contact Tech Transfer Arizona? Why and when should you submit an invention disclosure?
Prior to 1980, inventions developed under federal funding were owned by the US Government. The Bayh-Dole Act was designed to produce greater commercial outcomes from federal funding. In addition to retaining title (ownership) to inventions, the Act allowed universities to license patents exclusively.
To move an invention from the lab bench to the marketplace, a number of processes need to happen, from protecting the IP to licensing it to a company or startup. 
One of the initial questions that must be answered when deciding how to distribute (or license) a software project is whether or not you want the code to be open source, simply free software (not source code), or fee-based proprietary software. This bulletin helps you understand the issues.
A laboratory notebook is a scientist’s most valuable tool. It contains the permanent written record of a researcher's mental and physical activities from experiment and observation, to the understanding of new phenomena. It is important for innovators and inventors to keep detailed and organized notes while working.