Business Planning and Resource Guide

Getting Started

How do you get from idea to execution? Who can help you?

Go To Market

Who IS your customer? How is the market segmented? Who actually does the selling? What are the channels? Are you ready to consider FCS?


What are cash and balance sheets? What are my funding options, like FFF, angels and VCs? Are SBIR/STTR grants a good option? How do we get revenue flowing?

Value Proposition

What is the problem you're solving and who cares? Why is this a problem? What is the context? What trends are driving the issue in the industry/world?


What is your business model and how will you make and sell your product? How will you structure your governance? What tools and functions do you need to think through?


What is your licensing strategy? Have you thought about acquisition? Will you have an IPO? How will you grow and run your company to attain these goals?